Why some women choose to date with BHMs?

I know that you guys are very familiar with BBW, big beautiful women. But how about BHM? And yes, BHM refers to those big handsome men. What's more, nowadays, there are more and more women prefer bbw dating with BHMs or even have dating relationships with them as well. Well, why will it happen? Here, i'm going to introduce some reasons of it, and let us have a look toghther. (Suppose that you are a person who are date with a BHM.)

The first point is that date with a BHM will let your look great. How to understand this point? Well, if you date with a BHM, some people around you may talk about you easily, and in other words, you may become the center of a group. That will make you feel very nice I believe. And by the way, you may have a better income because of dating with a BHM. Secondly, we all know that BHM always have big and strong body in a way, so that you need not worry about that other people will bully you, because he will protect you very well, and others may not have any chance to do that. If you usually lack of security, I think wooplus dating with a BHM is not bad. Thirdly, BHMs have handsome looks and strong bodies, so most of them are succeed in bussiness or other areas, and of course you will seldom have financial problems if you stay with a BHM. Fourthly, if you date with a BHM, he can help you do all those heavy work and at the same time, you can have a good rest, I believe that you will be very satisfied with this point, am I right? Fifthly, it is easy to chat with BHMs and if there is any conflict between you two, have a good communication is not a difficult thing, because he has already know how to talk with people properly in his bussiness work. That can save much time and avoid some unpleasant results. Last but not least, a lot of BHMs are very sofe and gentle in our daily life. And also, they will be easier to control compared with other men, this point sounds very nice. 

In conclusion, in my opinion, fall in love with a person and then date with him/her do have some reasons, and those are my views of why women choose to tinder hookup with BHMs. Welcome to add more information according to this topic.