Bustr is leading free BBW Dating app

The Bustr is one of the most popular wooplus dating apps out there catering on the needs of BBWs, SSBBWs, BHMs and their admirers. This is one of the top BBW dating apps available today with a member base base exceeding well over 100,000. Joining this free BBW dating app is rather simple as well.

Sign Up Process

Users can register in moments. To register, users need to enter their basic information and a valid E-mail ID that will be used to authenticate the account. Once the authentication is complete, the user can access the account and find potential partners. During registration, we will collect the following information from the users:

Location of profile

Personal details i.e username, gender, hobbies, etc

Physical information

Personal information


Once these details and filled in, the profile is complete and can be matched.


1 month fees for $29.99
3 months fees for $74.99
6 months fees for $129.99

Main Features

As one of the leading free BBW dating apps on the Internet, Bustr has some of the best features to help users find the perfect mate. While some of these features are free, many advanced features require users to pay a month fee. The main features of wooplus dating apps are:

Messaging Service

Although the service is only available to power users, it is still one of the key features of this tinder hookup app. It allows real-time communication between users, making interaction easier. With this feature, users can talk to matching objects and learn more about them. The messaging service truly help users of this tender hookup app find their perfect mate and thus is one of the most important features of Bustr.

Profile Boost

It's difficult to stand out in a search engine on a such wooplus dating app of huge numbers.These searches made in search engines of the tinder for bbw can help people tender hookup better. Therefore, in order to increase a user's chances for getting BBW dating or find a good partner, users can purchase profiles that help them better position themselves in search. This can greatly increase a person's chances of getting curvy dating.


The moments present in this chubby dating app can act as community for the users. It also creates opportunities for the users to interact with each other and find friendships, fat dating, tinder hookup and relationships with new users.


In short, Bustr is one the best BBW dating apps out there catering to the needs of wooplus people with diverse demands. When looking for the best curvy dating experience, Bustr is on of the wooplus dating apps that must be visited. It's large membership base and diverse membership base  allow wooplus users to choose their perfect partners and have a good time.

Bustr is really caters to the needs of the plus size community

If you think that it is hard to find a good online dating apps for plus size people which really caters to the needs of the community, then you have not tried Bustr. Launched in 2015, Bustr has over 2000 new members each day. Bustr is one of the top online BBW hookup apps for curvy singles and their admirers. Bustr's services are similar to many other curvy dating apps and require you to upgrade to use all the advanced features. The upgraded membership allows you to read and respond to messages, see which members flirt with you, see which members add you to their favorites list and chat with members online. Using Bustr, you can also view the profiles of new members in your area. 

How it Bustr different?

There is not much difference between the Bustr and other BBW dating apps. The main factor is that the design is much more compact and easy to navigate. There's no confusion, no advertising, so it makes the whole experience easier and more direct. It also allows you to chat with your opponents on the road.

Sign Up

Registering and logging in to Bustr is fast and easy. Enter your personal information (name, age, place of residence, etc.) and you can leave. You can also search directly, so logging in here is not an arduous experience. Please be sure to upload a profile photo when you register!

Features of Bustr

Like many of online dating apps, Bustr offers a number of different features to help curvy singles find love. The "follow" button is a great way to break the ice by letting people know you're interested in them without having to use words. Sending the first message can be awkward at times, so some people may see this button as a lifesaver.

Messaging on Bustr can be done voice chat. You can also click on your profile and send a message, or even communicate via voice. Actual interactions on Bustr can only take place if you are willing to pay for membership. Thankfully, there are many payment options available. Users can choose one month, 6 months or 12 months. 

Final Words

In short, the overall usability of this BBW dating app is a huge advantage. It goes without saying how clear and simple the layout is. Menu navigation is also a piece of cake. If you don't already have a Zoosk premium account, but still want to take a look at the Bustr app, you can certainly take a look at it for free.

Something you should know about hookup

Most people you hooked up with are people you are not going to meet in real life. Think about it. In a alcohol party filled with strangers, you can hardly find someone who are really funny and can hit it off with you, right? Let’s face the fact. Unless you are beautiful, rich, famous, bold, extremely charming or gifted, when you are together, you are bound to make compromise, which you won’t even consider making in other aspects of your life. Trust me, “I bet he is into it” is not a proper standard to choose your sexual partner, because I can almost guarantee you that once you are naked in front of each other, any sexy idea will be eliminated when you encounter a disagreement.

Most sexual activities you had are just plain. In any aspect of life, the contradictions of quality and quantity can never be stronger than in sexual field. We are complicated creatures, so for most people, if you want really amazing lovemaking experience, you must match the must-requirements, such as physical attraction, attitude, mutual-respect, sexual compatibility, emotional connection, etc. This is just a start. If you match with your curvy dating partner in these degree, sexual activity is going to be great. It is hard to found one or two matches of these qualities between wo strangers, so you can see the chances here.

Your sexual preferences are not going to be the same. You may want to be the dominant, but several minutes later, he is asking for a change of position. You like to play it gently, but he likes to play it rough. You lie foreplay, but he just wants in behind you back. You like to keep it sweet and simple, but he likes BDSM and role play. You are making love maybe, but you are actually having a fight inside. I can go on and on and on⋯

Listen, you can negotiate these things beforehand, but at least one of you if going to do some persuasive talk and the other is going to make compromise. You are not sure if you are going to be compatible partner for each other, but you will eventually find out when it is too late.

You might be doing it for the wrong reason. When hooking up becomes as a habit, it is not only about sex. Once the mode is set, it is not going to be a spontaneous encounter, but a task or a challenge to be conquered.

You can hardly agree with each other. One of you is going to be more involved than the other. If it were you, you are going to feel the ignorance, question what you did wrong and sexual life is going to be abnormal unless you are impenetrable emotionally. If it were him, you will want a way out and sexual life is going to be dull. Hookup with your sexual impulsion is not a good way to BBW dating.

Want a BBW dating app for plus size singles? Try us

For many Americans, the best way to find true love without sacrificing career goals or leisure time is to go online to professional BBW dating apps like Bustr. Our app is ideal for plus size singles. Our service is not only safe, efficient and reliable, but we also support the search for lasting love, as long as we feel we are a good match. Our recommendations are based on important factors such as location, relationship needs, and personality to ensure that our matches are made with compatibility in mind. This is the ideal way to meet curvy singles executives and single professionals - or just the people you tinder hookup with.

According to recent research, Americans are marrying later and later. As a matter of fact, as of 2014, there were more single people in the United States (including divorced singles) than married people, meaning that if you're currently single, you're in good company! One of the reasons may be that modern life demands not to spend too much time looking for love: working with the typical American now at 47 hours or more per week,2 singles who want a toe on the career ladder to find their leisure time. This is especially true for those with large body like plus size singles and their admirers.

Of course, just because more men and women are finding themselves single doesn't mean they want to stay that way.

Actually, many chubby people find that the best solution to a work or life dilemma is to seek compromise: it's not about trying to ignore the need for love, it's about finding it smarter. Joining a curvy dating app that works for you is a great place to start, and when it comes to meeting mature, curvy singles, elite singles are a notch above the rest.

Balancing a happy family life with an ambitious career can be a bit of a juggling act. That said, it's a skill to master - especially with the help of BBW hookup apps like Bustr. We even have a streamlined dating app that allows plus size singles to find time again to find love.

As one of the best dating apps for curvy singles, our app is designed for ios and android and is an ideal way to keep online dating on your schedule. More importantly, we understand what it's like to schedule appointments during an already busy time, so it's not just our apps that are productive! Our goal is to make our BBW dating app accessible - wherever you are! In addition to informational sites that offer expert chubby dating advice, we've also been optimized for all platforms: from the desktop to mobile, from smartphones to tablets. This makes it easier to find the next great date, even if you're swamped.

What should you prepare before meeting the parents?

Every relationship has milestones - some faster than others. However, meeting parents can be a real relationship breaker for both parties, so when this stage finally arrives, playing the right cards is crucial. Whether you're kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas or just starting out on a tinder hookup, meeting your BBW dating partner's parents is a big deal and shouldn't be taken lightly. To help you get through this difficult time without any lasting trauma, we've compiled some tips on how to meet your BBW's parents and make a good first impression.

1.Clothes to please

Needless to say, you shouldn't wear sweatpants or a little black dress to meet your curvy date's parents. Think smart, stylish, and neat clothes and you're less likely to have a big wardrobe problem. We're not talking suits, unless you're going out to dinner. Just make sure you dress appropriately and leave outlandish choices at home.

2.Show some respect

You and your partner may secretly enjoy a little toilet humor, or the occasional rude joke, but it's unlikely to get along well with your future in-laws. Think carefully before you speak, and filter out spontaneous outbursts to make sure that the first time you meet, the conversation remains bland. You may find that they like innuendo as much as you do, but in these early stages, it's better to be careful than sorry, huh?

3.Remember your manners

If you're going out to dinner, curb your caveman instincts and hone your demeanor tonight. You are unlikely to be booked for eating "wrong", but stick to some ground rules. If you want to make a good impression in her parents' book, don't put your elbows on the table, eat with your mouth open, and don't Wolf down every meal.

4.Establish a connection

If you're trying to do all of the above, it's understandable that you'll feel a little stressed. But remember, you're not being interviewed by a pair of robots; Mom and dad have their own personalities. They'd love to meet you. Ask questions, tell lighthearted jokes, share your passion for your partner and your favorite hobby, and even the most picky parent will be sure to warm up to you at the end of the evening!

You don't need to be prince charming or Kate Middleton to impress her parents; Showing a charm offensive and courting your curvy dating partner's parents is easier than you might think. As long as you don't ring any alarm bells and they can see what you've done for their son or daughter, you have a good chance of surviving the dreaded "meet the parents."

Two Lies That Will Kill Your Chances of Finding Love On BBW Dating Apps

One of the worst things you can do in online BBW dating is to lie or misrepresent yourself in any way. While most online daters are honest, I'm still surprised by the occasional question: is it appropriate to misstate your age by a few years, or your height by a few inches?

Yes, some people may not be looking for someone your age. It doesn't matter, you should be looking for the right person on curvy dating apps, not just hoping that the right man or woman will find you. If you find someone you think is right for you, but they're looking for someone younger than you, don't worry. After all, I had just celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my girlfriend, who was looking for someone three years younger than me when we met online.

This is a basic rule of thumb. If you like someone's online chubby dating profile but worry that you're older than they say you are, you should still email them if you're within three years of their desired age limit.

Example # 1

If you are 45 and they are looking for someone between 35 and 43, you are innocent and should consider contacting them.

Example # 2

If you're 57 and your future date is between the ages of 45 and 52, you should look for millions of other people who might be better for you.

There is no point in lying about your height. Your date knows how tall they are. If they're 5 feet 8 inches tall, and they're looking for someone at least 5 feet 10, when they see the top of your head, they'll notice you're not that tall.
In my opinion, as trite as it sounds, honesty is the best policy. Even if you manage to avoid any of the fabrications you made in your curvy dating profile, the truth will eventually come out. When it happens, it just makes you hard working people question everything you've ever told them.

There are thousands of single people online right now, just like you. You don't have to twist the truth to get the right person to see you.

If you want to start online plus size dating but need a little (or a lot) of help, I'm here for you. Whether you want to change your online fat dating profile for the New Year or you need an online dating coach to teach you all the secrets of finding love through the Internet, now is the best time to start the year.

How to get the relationship you want from online dating?

Online hookup apps are the best place to start your date because the wider range of options available in online free bbw dating apps means a higher chance of finding the right dating partner. Because by now, I know a lot of friends who have found their true love in online BBW dating apps for free.Now you don't have to be jealous of someone finding a great date in an online free bbw dating app, and now you can. As long as you follow my advice blow.

It's not hard to find a match in an online free bbw dating app, but online dating is hard because many people don't know how to maintain a relationship in an online flirt app. Finding a relationship in an online dating app can be very exciting, but if you don't get it right, you still can't turn an online date into an offline one. This creates a sense of uncertainty for you and your potential dating partner. That means you don't know if the relationship is real or fake, and it's very difficult to sustain. Now you need to listen to my advice so that it's not so hard to stay in a relationship in your online dating app.

You can keep in touch with your partner every day in the online one night hookup app. You can use a variety of communication methods to maintain daily contact, because frequent contact will make the other person feel that you care about her. In today's society, people's life rhythm is so fast that people are very eager to get the attention and concern of others. If you can keep in touch with your online dating partners by email or text message every day and set aside time for a real conversation, I believe your relationship will grow faster.

You can keep in touch with people you like at a certain time of day, whether it's sending instant messages or making phone calls or calling video. Many hook up apps are now free to make video calls without high fees. You can say good morning and so on. But you don't have to stay in touch 24 hours a day, it's not necessary, because everyone still has a lot to do in the day.

Secondly, you should make a good use of the online one night hookup app to understand who your date partner is. This will make the connection between you closer. If you really want to develop your relationship, you'd better be honest with each other and tell each other what kind of person you are, what kind of family background you have, what kind of education you have, and so on. You'll get to know what interests you have, what common topics you have.

While the people you meet in your online hook up app can be a bit of a con artist, as long as you're sincere and careful, I'm sure you'll be able to meet some great people in the online one night hook up app and successfuone lly develop the relationships you want.