Something you should know about hookup

Most people you hooked up with are people you are not going to meet in real life. Think about it. In a alcohol party filled with strangers, you can hardly find someone who are really funny and can hit it off with you, right? Let’s face the fact. Unless you are beautiful, rich, famous, bold, extremely charming or gifted, when you are together, you are bound to make compromise, which you won’t even consider making in other aspects of your life. Trust me, “I bet he is into it” is not a proper standard to choose your sexual partner, because I can almost guarantee you that once you are naked in front of each other, any sexy idea will be eliminated when you encounter a disagreement.

Most sexual activities you had are just plain. In any aspect of life, the contradictions of quality and quantity can never be stronger than in sexual field. We are complicated creatures, so for most people, if you want really amazing lovemaking experience, you must match the must-requirements, such as physical attraction, attitude, mutual-respect, sexual compatibility, emotional connection, etc. This is just a start. If you match with your curvy dating partner in these degree, sexual activity is going to be great. It is hard to found one or two matches of these qualities between wo strangers, so you can see the chances here.

Your sexual preferences are not going to be the same. You may want to be the dominant, but several minutes later, he is asking for a change of position. You like to play it gently, but he likes to play it rough. You lie foreplay, but he just wants in behind you back. You like to keep it sweet and simple, but he likes BDSM and role play. You are making love maybe, but you are actually having a fight inside. I can go on and on and on⋯

Listen, you can negotiate these things beforehand, but at least one of you if going to do some persuasive talk and the other is going to make compromise. You are not sure if you are going to be compatible partner for each other, but you will eventually find out when it is too late.

You might be doing it for the wrong reason. When hooking up becomes as a habit, it is not only about sex. Once the mode is set, it is not going to be a spontaneous encounter, but a task or a challenge to be conquered.

You can hardly agree with each other. One of you is going to be more involved than the other. If it were you, you are going to feel the ignorance, question what you did wrong and sexual life is going to be abnormal unless you are impenetrable emotionally. If it were him, you will want a way out and sexual life is going to be dull. Hookup with your sexual impulsion is not a good way to BBW dating.