What should you prepare before meeting the parents?

Every relationship has milestones - some faster than others. However, meeting parents can be a real relationship breaker for both parties, so when this stage finally arrives, playing the right cards is crucial. Whether you're kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas or just starting out on a tinder hookup, meeting your BBW dating partner's parents is a big deal and shouldn't be taken lightly. To help you get through this difficult time without any lasting trauma, we've compiled some tips on how to meet your BBW's parents and make a good first impression.

1.Clothes to please

Needless to say, you shouldn't wear sweatpants or a little black dress to meet your curvy date's parents. Think smart, stylish, and neat clothes and you're less likely to have a big wardrobe problem. We're not talking suits, unless you're going out to dinner. Just make sure you dress appropriately and leave outlandish choices at home.

2.Show some respect

You and your partner may secretly enjoy a little toilet humor, or the occasional rude joke, but it's unlikely to get along well with your future in-laws. Think carefully before you speak, and filter out spontaneous outbursts to make sure that the first time you meet, the conversation remains bland. You may find that they like innuendo as much as you do, but in these early stages, it's better to be careful than sorry, huh?

3.Remember your manners

If you're going out to dinner, curb your caveman instincts and hone your demeanor tonight. You are unlikely to be booked for eating "wrong", but stick to some ground rules. If you want to make a good impression in her parents' book, don't put your elbows on the table, eat with your mouth open, and don't Wolf down every meal.

4.Establish a connection

If you're trying to do all of the above, it's understandable that you'll feel a little stressed. But remember, you're not being interviewed by a pair of robots; Mom and dad have their own personalities. They'd love to meet you. Ask questions, tell lighthearted jokes, share your passion for your partner and your favorite hobby, and even the most picky parent will be sure to warm up to you at the end of the evening!

You don't need to be prince charming or Kate Middleton to impress her parents; Showing a charm offensive and courting your curvy dating partner's parents is easier than you might think. As long as you don't ring any alarm bells and they can see what you've done for their son or daughter, you have a good chance of surviving the dreaded "meet the parents."