Is fat fetishism good or dangerous for BBW women?

Everyone has a fetish that excites this person. Especially if it is unusual or illegal. People have passions and hobbies, however, some of them may have a bad influence not only on people's interest in specific things but also on the people around them. One example is the obsession with fat. When a guy into a bbw dating to satisfy his sexual needs, feeds her and makes her fat, it's a fetish. Sometimes, though, an obese fetish may refer to a plus-size woman who becomes fatter to make herself sexier and more attractive.

The obsession with fat is not a new "disease," however, as fast food companies and candy factories began to grow rapidly, it became more and more popular. Because they are more likely to be fed unhealthy food, feeders are more likely to find victims and turn their lives into hell.

The selection of victims is a complicated process, which needs time and energy to establish a special and close relationship between feeder and BBW. In most cases, the victims were already obese women who had no friends and were not in perfect shape. Such a person needs a lot of love and attention before feeling lonely, so when a messenger comes up to her and shows her "real" feelings and emotions, she will fall in love with him within a week and agree to do whatever he wants.

Fat fetishes can lead to death and serious health problems. Her lover forces her to eat too many calories every day without any physical activity, and sooner or later she will become a person who can't stand up without help. In most cases, the feeder relationship ends there because he has achieved what he wanted-making it impossible for the other person to perform the basic daily tasks. Most keepers say this is to give up in order to find another victim, however, only a few will stay with their female until the end, however, it does not help to lose weight. In other words: a relationship with a breeder can lead to death.

Another type of fat fetish is that of an already overweight BBW who wants to get fatter and fatter in order to feel better about her body and be more attractive to men (in her eyes). Sometimes this behavior results in finding a feeder. It was a surprise, but some BBW were willing to find a feeder and be under his command. Some BBW women tell us that obesity is cool, hip and sexy. They advocate that obesity is a wonderful lifestyle, which is associated with many sexual wooplus dating partners and a high quality of life. But is it really that good? Would you be happy if you were fat and lying to yourself?

Both types of obsession with fat can lead to obesity and serious health problems. However, there are still opportunities to help Ms. Big by offering psychological help and counseling. Not only can she lose weight, but she doesn't want to be fat anymore, just to attract men. She may be able to find a serious, normal man to fulfill her promise.

There is no doubt that obesity is something we should get rid of in our communities.